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Athens is the capital of Greece. Built on a triangular peninsula called Attica, part of the mainland Greece, Athens is known worldwide for its ancient history and its unique monuments which accentuate its modern outlook.

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Athens, its suburbs and the port of Piraeus constitute a single city which gives out the impression of a shimmering sea from far or from above thanks to its magical sparkle. This sparkle comes from the roofs of the houses and the hundreds of thousands windows which return the sunlight.

From a distance Athens seems to be impersonal but the deeper we get into it, the more enchanting little daily joyful scenes surround us. We can walk and wander around in the center of Athens easily and make a journey through time by the visit to its archaeological monuments and sites. If somebody has studied a little the history of Athens, then the emotions during his visit are even stronger.

Walking at the streets of Athens in the area of Acropolis, Pnika or the ancient market, we follow the footsteps of very important persons who have contributed to the human civilization. The amazing issue which makes Athens more desirable is that it is one of the very few cities where we can experience a lot of feelings during a journey to the past through its historical sites and at the same time after some miles we can swim in the deep blue sea.

This is Athens like a mistress who seems to be distant but attractive like the hidden beauty which is so apparent, like the enchanting variety of scenes and beauties. The secrets of this Athens could be discovered in the webpages of

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